Mind Rockets develops assistive technological solutions for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing worldwide.

Avatars deliver instant translation from text to Sign Language to help governments and companies become more accessible for the Deaf community.

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"... approximately 80% of the world’s 70 million Deaf people do not have any access to education.

Only about 1-2 % of the Deaf get education in Sign Language.

“Legal development and recognition of Sign Languages promotes Deaf people’s equal participation in the society.”


-WFD (https://static.un.org/esa/socdev/enable/rights/contrib-wfd.htm)



We can help you change that with our assistive technologies, making your services and products Deaf accessible by integrating Virtual Interpreters into online and offline content with!

  1. Sign Language Web Interpreting avatar.
  2. Facebook Page Interpreter.
  3. Twitter account Interpreter.
  4. Instagram account Interpreter.
  5. Accessible QR Code Interpreter.
  6. Contact Us Feature in Sign Language.

Providing free apps for individuals to learn more about Sign Language using 3D avatars.

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Mahmoud Darawsheh first time introduces sign language avatars
M Darawsheh Sign Language avatars in 2008,INTEL ISEF                        

The Journey began in 2008, Mahmoud Darawsheh started working on assistive technologies for the Deaf as a high school project.

Mahmoud started to visit local Deaf centers in Jordan, and learn more about Deaf culture, Sign Language and continued to work on upgrading the project as he continued his University Studies in Computer Engineering.


Mind Rockets was born in 2016, as a software company dedicated to building and developing assistive technologies and started getting international recognition of its work in the field of automated Sign Language interpretation using 3D avatars that can be plugged into websites, social media channels and existing solutions.




M Darawsheh, founder, and CEO, Mind Rockets Inc, & Mark
Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook at Facebook Developer Conference F8 2017

Receiving recognition and awards from several regional and international entities Mind Rockets was able to provide enterprise SAS solutions to make companies, organizations and governments accessible in Sign Language.


Today Mind Rockets provides innovative Sign Language solutions with more than Eight Sign Languages including American, British, Egyptian, Emirati, Jordanian, Kuwaiti, Qatari (Unified Arabic) and Omani Sign Languages.












Virtual sign language interpreters developed by Mind Rockets Inc has been awarded by some of the most of the most common entrepreneurship awards worldwide.